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The Second Rising: Prepare Hard and Stay on Guard - In the Flesh: Series 2 - BBC Three

**BREAKING NEWS** Zombie drama In the Flesh returns from the grave on Sunday, 4th May at 10pm. It’s gonna be dead good.

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Jonah from Tonga starts Thursday 8th May at 10pm! Can’t wait until then? iPlayer the WHOLE SERIES from 8pm on May 2nd-4th. That’s puck loads of Jonah! 

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**BREAKING NEWS** #OrphanBlack returns Wed 30th April at 10pm. Spread the word. Tell your clones. We’ll do the rest.

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Luke Newberry tries not to smudge his makeup in the rain in this exclusive new behind the scenes pic from filming In The Flesh! Though we think he might suit a smokey eye…

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Alexa bloomin’ Chung’s on #SweatTheSmallStuff tonight at 10pm! Better get our best pants on

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In the Flesh:

BAFTA nominated zombie drama ‘In the Flesh’ returns soon to BBC Three. Meet the characters from the new series & bite into this juicy press-pack for all the latest info:

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Marvin, Dominika & Katie competed for Britain’s top amateur hair stylist in last night’s final of Hair. Their brief was to create “Hollywood Glamour” styles on their mum’s and 1940’s victory rolls.  

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**GOOD NEWS** The Call Centre returns Tue April 8th at 9pm. Call your nan, tag your friends, tell the dog – spread the word!

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